Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Alright, so tonight Brianna, Ash and Ally and I hit the town for some cheap food, and even cheaper ice-cream. But that's not the story; the story is that AAT (which means, Ally Ash Tyler) found the needle in the haystack! That needle, which is classy, clean and full of the good looking people of this world... ZEDBAR. We are making it our new hangout.

I also got some REALLY shit news today about my foot... it's funny some kid with dreadlocks who's a dick said to me like last week "Ner stop living in the past." Which is ironic ... especially for this person who's all like "I CAN NEVER HEAR ANYTHING, I DONT DRINK CAUSE MY FAMILY WAH WAH WAH."

Anyways, the bad new is; that my ankle which is royally fucked cannot be healed by any form of medicine anymore unless I want to be a zombie. The only other option is to drill into my back, locate the spinal cord, and then cut off the "pain-gate" to my leg, which has a 20% success rate and an 80% chance that I will never feel my right leg from the hip downwards. Life's fun.

But I am not looking at it negatively. More a challenge.

I saw a little boy, no older then 10 with brain cancer... so my little issue seems so insignificant.

Keep coolly, cool boy.



  1. starts good,
    ends tragically :(
    stay dcool.

  2. All I'm going to say is:

    Peace :)