Thursday, October 15, 2009

no hat no play.

No work today!
No, just kidding. Today was my first day at the DC Logistic in Wodonga! My job title as far as I know is going to be "picker" which sounds like some kinky like... arse-flossing game or something. But anyways, it seems like it's going to be a promising job!

So, I got 2 shirts, boots, 2 pants, jacket, beanie, hat and a box cutter. All for freebies, so that's exciting in as aspect... if you were poor you would quit and sell the items on eBay cause they're $120.00 boots. There is no real point to this blog to be honest, oh I wrote a small poem about my day.

I now work at the Distribution centre,
Where the women have no placenta,
I am to pick and stack all day ..
For a manager whom I think is gay. (not really... technically I can get fired for disclosing information)

The day went oh so quick,
My job title is to be "the pick"
Im going to ride on my fork
To make sure I can get some nice sized pork.

But the manager said,
No Tyler, get me some bread,
So I shot him full of lead..
Now the manager is dead.

Beautiful isn't it?

Keep coolly, cool boy! :D


  1. I sound like such a suck haha but I quite enjoyed that poem.

  2. I prefer my about me.
    Lol it has personality in it.

  3. It does... but ive already read it on your myspace

  4. whats with you and placentas tyler? hahaha