Sunday, October 18, 2009


All of my life,
I have watched you
Climbing Mountains,
Chasing dreams.
All of my life,
You gave me everything,
But you don't have to...
Give the world to me.

Just say you love me; as I am.
Say you want me; as I am.
Say I'm someone in your eyes,
It's all I wanted to be,
Just let me go, I know,
One day if I'm allowed
If I am allowed,
One day I'll make you proud.

All of your life
You've taken chances
You broke the rules
Time after time
All of your life
You've gone your own way
So give me this chance
And i'll go mine

Why cant you say you love me; as I am
Say you want me; as I am.
Say I'm someone in your eyes!

And trying to please you, now,
Is all I seem to do,
I'm holding my dreams down,
It's breaking me in two,
I've got to be me, now,
'Cause there's already one of you,
I'm on my knees,
So help me Please?

Please don't shoot me down,
If though you can't see it now,
Some day I'll make you proud.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

life as motivation.

Everyone seems to be going on about the HSC.
It's frustrating, people seem to think that it is some ... guarantee that they will succeed in life. Well, to be honest that's just the biggest load of shit I have ever heard. Some of the most successful people in this world, do not even have a high-school education, so excuse me if I don't want to study 6 hours a day.

Life, is just one letter shy from Live. I am going to spend my life, living.
Experiencing what this world has to offer me! Then once I have taken all that I am to receive from this life, then I will give back.

I refuse, to be stuck in a job I am going to hate, wishing I did the things I didn't do when I could've and should've.

What is 3 years... "No I want to goto uni now. Study my arse off for 5-6 years, then I will live it up."
How the fuck can you live it up when you're near 30, yeah... I'll meet you there.

Then, you get people who have the nerve to say I am wasting my life, my talent. But it's my life, and my talent. And my talent sure isn't studying for 18 years straight. I feel that my talent's are; Friends, loyalty and soon... to be myself. Not being able to recite and write a 40 page essay on belonging... anyone who takes a real look at themselves can write about belonging, we all spend the past 12 year's trying to do it.

Which brings me to my next point.
Everyone who tried so hard to belong... who the fuck do you belong to now? You're not a jock, you're not the geek, you're a nobody now. So why did any of us bother to try and fit in and "belong" when it was all for nothing?


Keep coolly, cool boy.

no hat no play.

No work today!
No, just kidding. Today was my first day at the DC Logistic in Wodonga! My job title as far as I know is going to be "picker" which sounds like some kinky like... arse-flossing game or something. But anyways, it seems like it's going to be a promising job!

So, I got 2 shirts, boots, 2 pants, jacket, beanie, hat and a box cutter. All for freebies, so that's exciting in as aspect... if you were poor you would quit and sell the items on eBay cause they're $120.00 boots. There is no real point to this blog to be honest, oh I wrote a small poem about my day.

I now work at the Distribution centre,
Where the women have no placenta,
I am to pick and stack all day ..
For a manager whom I think is gay. (not really... technically I can get fired for disclosing information)

The day went oh so quick,
My job title is to be "the pick"
Im going to ride on my fork
To make sure I can get some nice sized pork.

But the manager said,
No Tyler, get me some bread,
So I shot him full of lead..
Now the manager is dead.

Beautiful isn't it?

Keep coolly, cool boy! :D

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Alright, so tonight Brianna, Ash and Ally and I hit the town for some cheap food, and even cheaper ice-cream. But that's not the story; the story is that AAT (which means, Ally Ash Tyler) found the needle in the haystack! That needle, which is classy, clean and full of the good looking people of this world... ZEDBAR. We are making it our new hangout.

I also got some REALLY shit news today about my foot... it's funny some kid with dreadlocks who's a dick said to me like last week "Ner stop living in the past." Which is ironic ... especially for this person who's all like "I CAN NEVER HEAR ANYTHING, I DONT DRINK CAUSE MY FAMILY WAH WAH WAH."

Anyways, the bad new is; that my ankle which is royally fucked cannot be healed by any form of medicine anymore unless I want to be a zombie. The only other option is to drill into my back, locate the spinal cord, and then cut off the "pain-gate" to my leg, which has a 20% success rate and an 80% chance that I will never feel my right leg from the hip downwards. Life's fun.

But I am not looking at it negatively. More a challenge.

I saw a little boy, no older then 10 with brain cancer... so my little issue seems so insignificant.

Keep coolly, cool boy.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So, I finally take the leap to make a blog.
It's funny... considering I have not much to say when I need too, only at inappropriate times and when it needn't matter.

So I plan to use this to post cool things I find, or random thoughts I might have about aspects of life, and believe me... it'll be worth reading.

Keep coolly, cool boy.